Were You Laid-off Because of COVID? | How to Handle Unemployment During Crucial Times



Yes! I know what it is like to be out of a job and with empty pockets. And being in a situation like that is TOUGH and STRESSFUL! I have been through it so I know what it is like especially after experiencing feelings of anger, depression, self-doubt and uncertainty. IT WAS A VERY CHALLENGING TIME IN MY LIFE.  However, there are some things you can do to help alleviate the situation. Here are some of the things I did to help me move forward after losing my source of income:

1. Take care of yourself. Prioritize self-care! When I had just lost my job, I was very depressed and all I wanted to do was sleep for the entire day. I was not eating so I had no energy to do anything but that. When I got out of that phase and started to eat right and exercise, it helped me to feel much better. 

2. Budget carefully. Being aware of your finances will help you deal with the financial stress related to loss of income. You need to make some CUTS! There are needs and there are wants and I’m sure each of you know what those terms mean. When you’re out of a job, EVERY. PENNY. COUNTS. You should be only spending on things that are essential -basically things you need to survive! Forget about eating out at restaurants, going to the barber or salon, buying unnecessary junk, all of that should be cut from your budget until you are stable again.

3. Find a hustle. You need to find a way to generate some kind of income. NOW IS THE TIME TO PUT YOUR PRIDE ASIDE. One thing I have always learned and currently live by, is to ALWAYS HAVE A SECOND SOURCE OF INCOME. Let us be real, can you comfortably live in Dominica with one source of income? If you can, do you have a good savings under your name? Most times you have to sacrifice one for the other. Now is the perfect time to find another source of income while you are out of a job. You should research and try out different things that can make extra money for you!

4. Be positive. Focusing on the negative prevents you from being open to opportunities. Instead, focus on your possibilities rather than on your fears. Try to see things in a more positive light. For example, I looked at losing my job as an opportunity to focus more on my career field and also managing my very own business. Since I lost my job I was able to find a better one in my field of study as well as creating and managing Foresight Solutions. I truly believe in the power of manifestation and I believe that everything you want in the universe is already yours!

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